Cisco 15454-CE-100T-8 & 15454-CE-MR-10: Features & Uses

Jun 07, 2024

In the dynamic world of digital networking, staying ahead of technological advancements is crucial. Cisco Systems, a global leader in networking and telecommunications equipment, consistently sets the benchmark for high-performance and reliable network solutions. Among their extensive range of products, two standout offerings are the Cisco 15454-CE-100T-8 and the 15454-CE-MR-10. These modules exemplify Cisco's commitment to delivering versatile, scalable, and efficient networking solutions. This article delves into the key features and capabilities of these products, showcasing why they are indispensable tools in modern networking infrastructures.

Cisco 15454-CE-100T-8: A Comprehensive Overview

Versatile Connectivity and Enhanced Performance

The Cisco 15454-CE-100T-8 represents a leap in carrier Ethernet technology. This 8-port 100 Mbps module is designed for the Cisco ONS 15454 M6 and M12 multiservice provisioning platforms, offering a blend of robust performance and versatility. It's engineered to meet the demands of both metro and regional networks, providing an efficient solution for a range of networking requirements.

The module's key features include:

High-Density Ethernet Ports: Equipped with eight RJ-45 connectors, the 15454-CE-100T-8 allows for high-density Ethernet connectivity, making it an ideal choice for environments where space and port capacity are at a premium.

Enhanced Traffic Management: With advanced traffic management capabilities, this module ensures optimal data flow and prioritization, essential for maintaining service quality across diverse network architectures.

Flexible Deployment Options: The 15454-CE-100T-8 supports various Ethernet virtual connections, enabling flexible deployment scenarios. This adaptability is vital for evolving network requirements, ensuring long-term utility and return on investment.

Energy-Efficient Design: Cisco's commitment to sustainability is evident in the energy-efficient design of this module. It operates with a lower power footprint, reducing operational costs and supporting eco-friendly networking solutions.

Cisco 15454-CE-MR-10: Advanced Carrier Ethernet Module

Scaling Networks with Efficiency and Reliability

The Cisco 15454-CE-MR-10 is a testament to Cisco’s innovative approach in networking technology. This 10-port Carrier Ethernet module, designed for the ONS 15454 series, epitomizes efficiency and scalability. It serves as a critical component for service providers and enterprises looking to expand their network capabilities while maintaining high performance and reliability.

Key features of the 15454-CE-MR-10 include:

High-Capacity SFP Ports: The module boasts ten Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) ports, providing high-speed connectivity and the flexibility to accommodate various types of network interfaces, ensuring broad compatibility and ease of integration.

Robust Network Management: With Cisco's advanced network management tools, the 15454-CE-MR-10 offers comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities. This enhances network reliability and facilitates proactive management of network resources.

Superior Traffic Engineering: The module is equipped with sophisticated traffic engineering features. These capabilities ensure efficient bandwidth utilization, optimal routing, and quality of service (QoS), crucial for handling diverse network loads and applications.

Seamless Integration: As part of Cisco’s ONS 15454 series, the 15454-CE-MR-10 integrates seamlessly with existing Cisco network infrastructure, allowing for easy expansion and upgrades without significant overhauls, thus protecting existing investments.


Cisco’s 15454-CE-100T-8 and 15454-CE-MR-10 modules stand as exemplary manifestations of the company's leadership in networking technology. They embody the perfect blend of performance, reliability, and scalability, tailored to meet the diverse and growing demands of modern network infrastructures. Whether for metropolitan, regional, or enterprise network environments, these modules offer the solutions required for efficient and effective network management. By choosing Cisco, businesses and service providers are not just investing in products; they are investing in future-proof technologies that will drive their networks toward greater heights of innovation and connectivity.